1/5 Late Model Stock

Section 1: Chassis & Suspension

1-1 Must be 1/5 production based stamped 2 WD 5B buggy chassis.

1-2 No shortened, extended, offset or flat (Front kick up) style chassis.

1-3 All parts must be stock or after market stock style Baja upgrades.
( durability only)

1-4 16 MM bore stock type shock only
(Tethers, limiters and compensator's are allowed)

1-5 All a arms must be stock dimensions. (no extended a arms)

1-6 Rear toe must be done in the hubs.

1-7 Wheel extenders allowed.

1-8 Adjustable front and rear shock towers allowed.

1-9 All components must remain in stock locations. (including the battery)

1-10 No shimming or spacers under mounting points to chassis.

1-11 Rear hinge pin holder can be adjustable. From zero up to three
degrees. No others can be moved.

1-12 No devices/parts to mount ballast anywhere on chassis.

1-13 No metal or carbon fiber front bumpers.

1-14 All parts must be available to the public from a Store front/Track
hobby shop or on line STORE.

1-15 No homemade chassis or suspension parts of any kind.

1-16 No two speeds


Section 2


Zenoah 28.5 Dave's Discount Motors Part # BB211
Engine must remain completely stock. (No Modifications)
All internal parts must be stock Zenoah

2-1 Any velocity stack/air cleaner allowed.

2-2 Stock intake (No modifications)
DDM part # av54x any color  (No Modifications)
Only one gasket per each side of the intake. (Gaskets used must be
commercially available)

2-3 Must use Stock exhaust canister DDM part # 15483 (No
Modifications) You can weld the stinger for durability only.  Only
one gasket and no spacers of any kind.

2-4 Must run stock carburetor: Carburetor Walbro part # 990 or part
# 668 Bearings in throttle shaft allowed. . (No other Modifications)

2-5 Jug/block gasket must be part# ca336 or Part# ca337

2-6 Two bearing and seal in the crank/block setup is allowed. Must
use Zenoah stock parts for this.

2-7.Stock Zenoah flywheel (No Modifications)

2-8 Must use stock type clutch and carrier ( No Modifications)

CY clutch part # gt241    CY clutch plate part # gt244

Zenoah clutch part # gt281   Zenoah clutch plate part # gt284

2-9 (Open spring 6,000 7,000 and so on.)

Gas only!


Section 3


3-1 Max over all length 48"  

3-2 Max width where deck and A post meet and where
rear quarter panel and deck meet 20"

3-3 Max width at front flopper's widest point 26"

3-4 Must have the Woo/Lucas appearance ( No wedge style)

3-5 Decking is allowed

3-6 No air scoops that direct air for motor or cooling.  No Aero devices in/on decking.

3-7 There will be no metal body parts of any kind. Roll cage and body supports can
be metal.

3-8 No part of the deck can be higher than 12" from ground to bottom side.


Section 4

Rear Spoiler Specs

4-1 Rear spoiler can only be as wide as the body at the rear quarter panels.

4-2 Rear spoiler 5" max from deck.

4-3 The end caps must be a triangle shape and be in proportion to todays Late
You may have one fin on the spoiler and two side caps.
The third fin must also be the same dimension as side cap.
It can be located anywhere on the spoiler between the two side caps.
The fin must be in line with the side
caps on the front leading edge.


Section 5

Wheel & Tire Specs

5-1 Rubber tires only!

5-2 All wheels must be bead lock buggy based.

5-3 Must be 1/5 scale

5-4 cutting, siping and grooving are legal  

5-5 Traction compounds are legal.

5-6 Track option on tire style (street tread or pin)


Section 6


6-1 Stability control is track option


Section 7

7-1 The track has final say on rules enforcement!


Section 8

8-1 The DLMRA is not responsible for any actions by tracks or racers!


Section 9

9-1 The DLMRA reserves the right to change any specifications at
anytime in the fairness of the hobby!