1/5 Modified

Section 1: Chassis & Suspension

1-1 Must be 1/5 production based stamped 2 WD 5B buggy chassis.

1-2 No shortened, extended, offset or flat (Front kick up) style chassis.

1-3 All parts must be stock or after market stock style Baja upgrades.
( durability only)

1-4 16 MM bore stock type shock only
(Tethers, limiters and compensator's are allowed)

1-5 All a arms must be stock dimensions. (no extended a arms)

1-6 Rear toe must be done in the hubs.

1-7 Wheel extenders allowed.

1-8 Adjustable front and rear shock towers allowed.

1-9 All components must remain in stock locations. (including the battery)

1-10 No shimming or spacers under mounting points to chassis.

1-11 Rear hinge pin holder can be adjustable. From zero up to three
degrees. No others can be moved.

1-12 No devices/parts to mount ballast anywhere on chassis.

1-13 No metal or carbon fiber front bumpers.

1-14 All parts must be available to the public from a Store front/Track
hobby shop or on line STORE.

1-15 No homemade chassis or suspension parts of any kind.

1-16 No two speeds


Section 2


2-1 Size: 23cc to 30.5cc max

2-2 No reed, piston port only

2-3 Stock style/size flywheel

2-4 Must use Stock exhaust canister DDM part # 15483 (No
Modifications) welding of stinger allowed

2-5 Fuel: Gas only!


Section 3

Super Dirtcar Series EDM and UMP style bodies are allowed.

3-1 Max over all length 46"  

3-2 Max width where deck and A post meet and where
rear quarter panel and deck meet 20"

3-3 Max Width of nose 10" at front/bottom leading edge

3-4 Max length of side panels 30"

3-5 Max width of side panel 9 1/2"

3-6 Max height of roof at any point 4 1/2" from deck

3-7 Max height of sail panel from deck to roof 4 1/2"  

3-8 No air scoops that direct air for motor or cooling.  No Aero devices in/on decking.

3-9 There will be no metal body parts of any kind. Roll cage and body supports can be

3-10 Must have todays Open Wheel Modified/EDM appearance!

3-11 No part of the deck can be higher than 12" from ground to bottom side.


Section 4

Rear Spoiler Specs

4-1 Rear spoiler can only be as wide as the body at the rear quarter panels.

4-2 Rear spoiler 3" max from deck.


Section 5

Wheel & Tire Specs

Mods must run buggy narrow front wheel and tire!

5-1 Rubber tires only!

5-2 All wheels must be bead lock buggy based.

5-3 must be 1/5 scale

5-4 cutting, siping and grooving are legal

5-5 Traction compounds are legal.

5-6 track option on style (street tread or pin)


Section 6


6-1 Stability control is track option


Section 7

7-1 The track has final say on rules enforcement!


Section 8

8-1 The DLMRA is not responsible for any actions by tracks or racers!


Section 9

9-1 The DLMRA reserves the right to change any specifications at anytime
in the fairness of the hobby!