1/8 2WD Electric Late Model

This is a new class designed to help the 1/8 LM class be more appealing to the racers.
Testing has went very well! Every 1/10 driver who drove the test car said they would
be interested in running this class. The two wheel drive/two cell battery has settled
the cars down and made for a very fast and race able class!

Section 1:
1-1 Must be 1/8 production based 4 WD buggy drive train.(Losi,Ofna,X-Ray and so on)
1-2 Must remove front drive. This class is to be run as a two wheel drive class!
1-3 Must run all 1/8 parts (ie Shocks, a-arms, and so on)
No offsetting a-arms or narrowing of a-arms
1-5 Must have dog bone center drive train, no on-road drive trains.
1-6 No interchanging of manufactures drive train parts. (Losi must use Losi drive train an so on)
1-7 No third channel devices(one wheel brakes, wing adjustments and so on)
1-8 Wheel base: 12 5/8" to 13"
1-9 Width: 13" max. - 11 1/4" min.
1-10 Any and all parts must be flush or in side the tread width. 1/8 tolerance.
1-11 All chassis and tires must remain inside the body.
1-12 No metal or carbon fiber front bumpers.
1-13 Must have foam on the front bumper.


Section 2:
Motors, Batteries & Speedo

2-1 2250 KV or less brushless motor
All motors must be 4 pole or less
All motors must have factory marked kv rating on them!
Any motor that don't have this will not be legal!

2-2 Open Speedo

2-3  Any hard case 2 cell lipo

Must have hobby grade connector!
Must be hard case lipo's!
ROAR charge limit! 4.22 per cell max


Section 3:
3-1 Molded one- piece bodies only.
sections 4 & 5
3-3 A hole or holes for motor cooling
3-4 Decking is allowed
3-5 There will be no metal body parts of any kind.
3-6 All bodies must be approved.

Approved Body list:
C&M 2011 "Assassin"
C&M-2009 "Atomic"
Losi# losa8096
Ofna# OFN34046
RJ Speed# 1015 & 1030
A+ one piece
2009 Stalker
2010 Stalker SS
2010 Onstat LM
2013 Onstat B-2 Bullet 2
Mach 1
2015 Mach 1


Section 4:
Side Dam specs:
No Side Dam Allowed!


Section 5:
Rear Spoiler Specs:
5-1 Rear spoiler can only be as wide as the body at the rear quarter panels.
5-2 Rear spoiler 3" max from deck.
5-3 The end caps must be a triangle shape.(See template)
You may have one fin on the spoiler and two side caps.
The third fin must also be the same dimension as side cap.
It can be located anywhere on the spoiler between the two side caps. The fin must be in line with the side
caps on the front leading edge.


Section 6:
Wheel & Tire Specs:
6-1 Tracks choice on which tires are legal (Foam or Rubber)
6-2 All wheels must be 17mm buggy based.

Foam tire specs:
6-3 Max tire diameter- 106mm    Max tire width- 46mm

Rubber tires:
6-4 There will not be any grooving or sipping of the rubber tires.
6-5 Track opinion on tire choice for loose tracks. Street or pin style rubber tires.
Traction compounds are legal.


Section 7:
7-1 6 1/2 lb. At any time

Section 8:
8-1 The track has final say on rules enforcement!


Section 9:
9-1 The DLMRA is not responsible for any actions by tracks or racers!


Section 10:
10-1 The DLMRA reserves the right to change any specifications at anytime in the fairness of the hobby!